About Us

Indian Consumer Federation (ICF) is a registered trust registered vide registration No.1290 dated 26.06.2014 and 1099 dated 30.05.2018 in N.C.T. of Delhi area of operation is entire country. The member of the this trust can be only Group of people, Association, R.W.A. voluntary Organizations, Cooperative Societies and other registered / un registered group of persons and any Consumer (male/female/students) willing to work for the welfare of Consumers of our NATION.

                         The main object of this trust to aware masses about their consumer rights and duties and service for consumer rights and help consumer to get good quality of services and products they are paying for, in short get “Best value of their hard earned incomes”. Naturally by way of existence every individual becomes a consumer before his birth and remains consumer even after his death. If the consumers of a nation are empowered and exercise their duties the growth of economy of the country as well as quality of goods and services will increases to reach the MOTTO of as the PM says ‘Made in INDIA’

             We intend to spread Consumer Awareness in masses and R.W.A’s and other organizations are working towards the  welfare of the residents of their area we wish to join hands with the RWA’s and help residents to amicably address their consumer related issues. So that they can get catalyze best services and products as they are spending their hard earned incomes in this competitive world of survival.


The vision of Indian Consumer Federation (ICF) is that all Indian residents should get best quality of product and services if there is a deficiency in services and defect in product.  The problem should be resolved in no time as “Justice delayed is justice denied”


Empowerment to each and Every Consumer by spread awareness about consumer rights and duties in masses and to make a system for complaint management which should be made available for all so that the problems can be addressed and burden on consumer courts can be reduced by alternate dispute redressal system. 



  1. We trying to resolve Consumer Complaints posted by Consumers at our portal www.icfhelpline.in.
  1.  Provide free legal advice to our members/organizations for consumer related problems.
  1. Translation (Hindi to English or vice versa) / drafting and typing of appeals and other documents on reasonable prices
  1. Liaison/ secretarial services to the members / organizations in NCT of Delhi at reasonable prices.
  1. Representations to our members/organizations in Department’s, ministries and other forums.
  1. Advocates on our panel appear/ file cases on behalf of members /organizations in National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission or in other commissions at per appearance basis on reasonable prices.
  1. Provide assistance in booking of accommodations and assistance in other services to the visiting members of member organisation in NCT of Delhi.
  1. Hold seminars, conferences, meetings and to undertake publicity, propaganda and similar other activities as may help the development of consumers’ cooperative movement all over India

Apart from that, our Federation believes in

  • In the consumer's right to information and redress of grievances
  • In the right to make informed choice as a citizen consumer
  • In empowerment of citizen consumers all over India


About (ICF) portal

This Portal has been launched by the Indian Consumer Federation (ICF) engaged in implementation of Department of  Consumer Affairs to create awareness, advise and redress consumer grievances and act as a central registry for lodging online consumer complaints. Though all efforts will be made to address these complaints by online mediation, all complaints may not be fully or satisfactorily resolved.

Contents of links to sites outside this web portal, are not the responsibility of the ICF.. All rights are reserved.

This portal is an online alternate dispute redressal mechanism known as ICF portal (www.icfhelpline.in). In case, the consumer is not satisfied, he/she can approach the appropriate Consumer Commission/Fora.

The ICF has launched this portal as an ICF Portal for bringing all Stakeholders such as Consumers,  Private Companies, Regulators, Ombudsmen and call centres etc. onto a single platform. The portal will also help in creating awareness among consumers to protect their rights and inform them of their responsibilities. Consumers can register online their grievances through this portal.

Each and every grievance received through the portal will be taken up with the concerned company / agency etc. for speedy disposal. It may take up to a maximum of 60 days to arrive at a logical conclusion.

All efforts will be made to get the grievance redressed by taking up with the authorities concerned. However, if the grievance could not be redressed to the full satisfaction, a consumer has choice to approach the appropriate consumer Forum.

Contact person of this portal for grievances :-

OIC (PG Cell) Indian Consumer Federation.

Initiative by ICF to Open Consumer Complaint Centre (CCC)


         The main object of this trust to open Consumer Complaint Centre at PAN India  level:-

  1.  Interesting are welcome to register online at our portal in New Registration section as CC Centre to open Consumer Complaint Centre and to generate CC Centre code so that we can provide user id and password accordingly.
  1. ICF has their own portal to handle consumer complaints online as well as hard copies through www.icfhelpline.in.
  1. Each centre will be provided with user ID and password for registering of online consumer complaints.
  1.  This is the pilot project for one year, it will be reviewed and  analysis will be done by our expert on the basis of consumer complaint received by the respective centre.  Renewal will be done after receiving membership fee. 
  1.   If any indiscipline is found or any complaint received against any centre for mall practices, the concerned centre will be closed immediately.
  1.  NGO/trust/society/franchisee/proprietor or any other in the shape of company should be   a member of the Trust by paying membership fees.
  1.   All complaints received from all centre through our web portal will be centrally look after by our team.   In-charge of complaint centre will ensure that only consumer related problems are registered
  1.  ICF team will take necessary action/advise  on  all type of complaints received against Central Government/State Government /Semi Government and private   sector, manufacturer and service providers.